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5 Best Body Scrubs in Bangladesh to Brighten Your Skin

Hey, wanna have smooth, bright, and glowing skin? Body scrubs remove the dead skin cells and leave your skin healthier and radiant. You are in the right place to get the best body scrubs in Bangladesh. Now find out the best body scrubs for skin whitening and glowing skin.

Maybe your skin is dull or dry. In this case, mild exfoliation can be the best solution for you. It works for whitening your skin.

Let’s get acknowledged with the basics of body scrub and choose the best scrub and exfoliators that suit your skin.

Our Top 5 Picks at a Glance (Best Body Scrubs)

  • FASMC Bath Salts Body Massage Scrub Lavender
  • FASMC Bath Salts With Rose Body Massage Scrub
  • YESNOW Bath Salt (Lavender) Body Massage Scrub
  • FASMC Bath Salts Body Massage Scrub Milk
  • Madina PAPAYA & APRICOT Face Scrub

What is Body Scrub?

The body scrub is a mechanical exfoliator. This type of exfoliator includes some abrasive materials like salt or sugar which help to remove the dead skin cells from the surface or outer layer of your skin.

Stimulating the skin cell turnover prevents acne breakouts in the long run and gifts you an expected result of your skin smoothness.

Best Body Scrubs in Bangladesh You Can Grab Right Now

As the skin is a sensitive organ of our body, it’s essential to choose the high-quality and most effective body scrub for sure. 

1. FASMC Bath Salts Body Massage Scrub Lavender

Product Details

  • Bath Salts
  • 04 Extracts Available
  • Net weight 380g
  • Extra Whitening Bath Scrub

2. FASMC Bath Salts With Rose Body Massage Scrub

Product Details

  • FASMC bath salts body massage scrub:
  • Make skin enjoy the spa.
  • Net weight 380g
  • Extra whitening bath salts.

Which Type of Exfoliator is Perfect for Your Skin?

There are two types of exfoliators.

  • Physical Exfoliator
  • Chemical Exfoliator

Scrubbing twice a week will make a physical exfoliator more effective if you have dry to normal skin and the dead skin cell layer accumulates quickly. 

The physical exfoliator is the finest and the most suitable option for individuals who do not maintain a skincare routine for various reasons and do not have any skin concerns.

The chemical exfoliator will perform effectively for people whose skin is affected by grainy scrubs due to sensitivity. You know what happens when you rub scrubs on active or inflamed acne. The pimple will burst, allowing bacteria to spread throughout the surrounding area.

So, if you have oily sensitive skin, you can use a chemical exfoliant to deep clean the pores and reveal new, vibrant skin. Just remember that if you use a chemical exfoliant, you must use sunscreen before going outside, it is not an option.

How to Use Body Scrub?

Using the body scrub is simple and straightforward. Besides, it’s also safe for your skin. You have to just follow the below steps.

  • Use warm water to rinse your skin at first.
  • Put the desired amount of the body scrub.
  • Rub the scrub gently in a smaller circular motion.
  • Scrub your skin for no more than 30 seconds.
  • Now rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water.
  • You may shave if needed.
  • Pat your skin dry
  • Lastly, apply moisturizer



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